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From Left to Right: Haley Bekolay (Canada), Michael Barclay (USA), Steph Santos (Australia),  AJ Blodgett (USA), Darcy Rogers (Australia), Monica Goemans (South Africa)


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NET Ministries (National Evangelisation Team) is a Catholic peer to peer youth ministry that puts into action the Church's mission to evangelise and disciple young people by:

  1. Proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ through a personal witness of faith

  2. Inviting young people to live for Christ

  3. Forming young people in Christian character through the study and practice of our faith

  4. Equipping young adults with the ministry skills needed for evangelising and discipling young people

We are thankful to have had our first NET team in Cape Town from March- June 2019. Our new team started in March this year, however due to the Coronavirus they have had to return home until further notice.


Once life goes back to 'normal' we shall have a team offer their services to schools and parishes running retreats and various activities. These include the use of music, relational activities, small group discussion, drama, personal faith sharing, prayer and liturgy.

To utilise this awesome opportunity, find out more information or assist with donations towards the team, contact:

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